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How To Adjust To Your New Night Guard

 Night guardSo, you’ve recently gotten a mouth guard and are curious if there are any ways to help adjust to this bulk dental device. It may be the bulkiness of the night guard that bothers you or it may even give you a gag reflex. In either case, there are ways to help adjust to your new night guard.

What is a night guard?

For those that don’t know, a night guard is a mouthpiece that is custom fitted to your mouth. Mouth guards help a myriad of dental problems, such as help relieve the systems of TMJ or bruxism.  They’re typically made out of a hard or soft plastic. Now when it comes to getting used to your new night guard, you should follow the following instructions:

Adjusting to Sleeping with a Night Guard

  • First off, ask your dentist to start out with a thin night guard, since it’ll take up less bulk in your mouth and will be easier to get used to.
  • Have your family dentist fabricate both an upper and lower night guard to see which one you find more comfortable. Just wear one or the other to see which one you are more comfortable with, then move on to getting a thicker one fabricated after you adjust to its feeling. In many cases, it’s merely a function of whether it’s an upper or lower that determines one’s comfort and acceptance of the dental device.
  • Put your night guard in right before you go to bed to lessen the chances that you’ll find it bothersome. Many people tend to fall asleep within five minutes.
  • Hang in there for at least 30 days so that you can get used to the night guard. After that, you should’ve created a habit and will be used to wearing your night guard. If you use it a few hours here and there inconsistently, it’s not going to work.

Considering that a night guard is only essentially a Band-Aid for bruxism, it doesn’t fix the dental problem. Getting to the bottom of why you are grinding or clenching will provide the best results in the long run because wearing a night guard won’t do anything but protect your teeth. It will not do anything for your muscles and jaw joints from working overtime.

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