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Prevent and Slow Gum Disease | Camp Hill Dentist

Camp Hill Pinhole Surgical Technique DentistOral hygiene is extremely important to your overall health, and that includes your gums. Studies have shown that nearly 50 percent of American adults have either mild, moderate or severe gum (periodontal) disease, so if you have been told you have it you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to prevent and slow the progression of gum disease. Here are some handy tips to help prevent gum disease on your own:

Brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth is absolutely necessary in order to ensure your mouth is clean and healthy, so make sure to brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes.

Flossing is necesssary. Flossing your teeth on a regular basis is another extremely important step that we may miss in our oral care routine, but floss can reach places your toothbrush can’t.

Gargle with mouthwash. Using mouthwash can get rid your mouth of leftover food debris and plaque that was loosened while brushing your flossing your teeth.

Put down the tobacco. Avoid all tobacco products; they contribute to gum disease.

Eat better. Sugary and starchy foods increase the amount of plaque. Eating well provides the nutrients necessary to prevent gum disease.

Dentist visits. There are lots of things you dentist needs to look at in order to make sure your mouth is healthy. Don’t miss your appointments.

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