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Keep Gum Disease at Bay with Dental Hygiene | Camphill Dentist

Oral hygiene is extremely important to your overall health, and that includes your gums. This may sound frightening, but studies have shown that nearly 50 percent of American adults have either mild, moderate or severe gum disease, so don’t worry – you aren’t alone. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to prevent and slow the progression of gum disease. Whether you suffer from gum disease or not these following tips are helpful in preventing and slowing gum disease:

Brush your teeth. We all know brushing your teeth is very important for your oral health, so make sure to brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes. If you prefer you can brush after every meal to prevent food debris from getting trapped in between your teeth and gums.

Flossing. Flossing your teeth on a regular basis is another extremely important step to take in your oral care since floss can reach places your tooth brush can’t.

Use mouthwash. Using a mouthwash will not only give you minty fresh breath, but it can get rid of leftover food debris and plaque that was loosened while brushing your flossing your teeth.

Tobacco-free. Avoid cigarettes and chewing tobacco, as these sorts of products are not only harmful to our overall health but may contribute to gum disease.

Healthy diet. Sugary and starchy foods increase the amount of plaque. Only a healthy diet will provide the nutrients that are necessary to prevent you from developing gum disease.

Dental visits. Visiting your dentist regularly for checkups, routine teeth cleanings, or to have dental problems corrected is intricate to maintaining good dental health.

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