Breathe Freely with a Sinus Lift | Camphill Dentist

We all like breathing. We need it to survive. So, there is truly nothing that is worse than having trouble doing it. It could have to do with an allergy, a cold or perhaps a sinus issue. The good thing is that something can be done to not only help clear up your breathing issue but can also help prevent future dental issues with dental implants. That’s right – some breathing issues can affect your dental health. The solution? A sinus lift.

A sinus lift is surgery that is done to add bone to your upper jaw to support dental implants. This procedure becomes necessary when there isn’t enough bone height in the upper back jaw, where your molars and premolars are, and your teeth need replacing with dental implants.

Over time the sinuses have a tendency to grow, which can lead to insufficient bone height. Bone loss in that that area can also occur due to reasons such as periodontal disease or tooth loss, in which case you may not have enough bone to place dental implants and will need a sinus lift.

The sinus augmentation procedure begins with an incision into the gum, after which the lateral wall of the sinus is exposed for a bone graft. However, before the adding the bone grafting material, your oral surgeon or periodontist has to make room for the bone by moving the sinus membrane upward or by “lifting” it. After the procedure, there is 6 to 9-month healing period before you can have dental implants placed, but once placed these implants can last a lifetime.

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