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Natural Ways to Prevent Gingivitis | Camp Hill Dentist

Keeping our mouth clean is important, not only as a physical appearance but because our mouths are the first line of defense to lots of overall health conditions. When we discover we have gingivitis, we always question just how it happened. Unfortunately, it is likely due to our daily dental routine, so we brush, floss and rinse every day, then visit the dentist to check on our progress.

But if you find that you have begun to develop gingivitis, don’t be alarmed – it can be cured. Not only are there lot of different over-the-counter products available on the market, there are also more natural options you can do at home to help reverse the effects of the beginning stages of gum disease.

Saltwater. We avoid drinking ocean water because it is so incredibly salty, but saltwater rinses are great at healing gum inflammation you may have developed. Salt is a natural disinfectant so not only does it soothe your sore gums but can remove bacteria and alleviate bad breath.

Mouthwash. While there are lots of mouthwash on the market today, they all have different purposes. Rinsing with mouthwashes that contain alcohol will dehydrate your mouth and saliva production is your natural defense against the bad bacteria that wreaks havoc in your mouth. Try using a more natural version. In fact, add a bit of lemongrass oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, sage or guava leaves to some water and rinse for 30 seconds.

Oil pulling. Swish around a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil for 20-30 minutes. The lauric acid it contains significantly reduces plaque and gingivitis.

Topicals. If mouthwash isn’t working, try a topical instead. Clove creams and turmeric gels are a great alternative.

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What are Dental Implants? | Camp Hill Cosmetic Dentist

implant-diagramAre you wondering if dental implants are right for you? Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth and are designed to blend in with your other teeth.

Dental Implants have changed the face of dentistry over the last few decades. The success rate of dental implants can vary, depending on where in the jaw the implants are placed but, in general, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. With proper care dental implants can last a lifetime.

A dental implant is actually a replacement for the root or roots of a tooth. Like tooth roots, dental implants are secured in the jawbone and are not visible once surgically placed. They are used to secure crowns (the parts of teeth seen in the mouth), bridgework or dentures by a variety of means. They are made of titanium, which is lightweight, strong and biocompatible, which means that it is not rejected by the body. Titanium and titanium alloys are the most widely used metals in both dental and other bone implants, such as orthopedic joint replacements. Dental implants have the highest success rate of any implanted surgical device.

Titanium’s special property of fusing to bone, is the biological basis of dental implant success. That’s because when teeth are lost, the bone that supported those teeth is lost too. Placing dental implants stabilizes bone, preventing its loss. Along with replacing lost teeth, implants help maintain the jawbone’s shape and density. This means they also support the facial skeleton and, indirectly, the soft tissue structures — gum tissues, cheeks and lips. Dental implants help you eat, chew, smile, talk and look completely natural.

Dental implants are an excellent long-term option for restoring your smile.

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