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PSTPioneered by Dr. Chao, the Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a fascinating new way to repair gum shrinkage without having to use a scalpel or stitches. This new technique will not only be less-evasive, but will also reduce discomfort and down time. In fact, you can eat dinner that night!

It sure sounds too good to be true, right? Since you probably have a lot of questions, here are some of those frequently asked:

What is the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique? The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a way to repair gum shrinkage through a pinhole in the gum without having to cut.

Is this condition common? We see a lot of patients that need gum rejuvenation, but don’t realize it.

Before this procedure, would people rather live with the problem instead of getting it fixed? Because the previous gum grafting procedure was very painful and drawn out, most just try to ignore it, or try a temporary fix.

How long does a standard gum grafting procedure take? Since it requires cutting out a graft of the gum from the palate and grafting it to where it’s needed, it takes about an hour for just one or two teeth, but recuperation lasts about two or three weeks.

What makes PST different? The key to the Pinhole Surgical Technique is the pinhole entrance, which is made by a needle, making it completely non-invasive. Then the tissue is shifted down and stabilized with collagen strips. In fact, the tiny pinhole shrinks away by the next day.

Click the link to watch an informative video of Dr. Chao explaining the Pinhole Surgical Technique:

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