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January Is Receding Gums Awareness Month | Camp Hill Dentist

Do you have receding gums causing your teeth to become more sensitive to cold and hot temperatures? Do your teeth seem to look longer? There is no need to be alarmed – these are common signs of gum recession and receding gums is a common occurrence in everyone’s life as they begin to age. So much so, this year January has been designated Receding Gums Awareness Month.

Not only can gum recession become unsightly if left untreated, but the adverse effects of gum recession go far beyond just cosmetics. Gum recession can lead to several other dental problems in the future, from chronic tooth sensitivity to making your teeth more prone to tooth decay and erosion. Also, once gum recession occurs your gums cannot naturally return to their proper place. Take note in this distinction – your gums cannot NATURALLY return to their proper place.

In the past, gum recession has been remedied through the use of gum grafting or taking a grafting from the roof of your mouth and inserted into the flawed gums. Not only is it a painful procedure, but recovery time is extensive. Fortunately, we can now correct and repair your receding gums, without the painful grafting procedure used before. The Pinhole Surgical Technique®, also known as PST®, has been deemed the “revolutionary” technique for treating gum recession. Unlike gum grafting procedures, the Pinhole Surgical Technique is a scalpel-free, suture-free procedure resulting in almost immediate results. Additional benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique® include the following:

  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Less discomfort after treatment
  • Immediate cosmetic benefits
  • Quick recovery time
  • No sutures or incisions needed
  • Multiple recession sites treated in one visit
  • Beautiful, natural looking, long lasting results

If you’d like to find out more about Pinhole Surgical Technique, contact Dr. Gary Wetzel at 717-761-8611 to schedule a consultation today. Or visit www.wetzelperio.com for more information.

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What Can I Do About My Receding Gums? | Camp Hill Dentist

Gum recession is oftentimes one of the many early signs of periodontal disease and if ignored, it will eventually lead to severe oral health issues. If you feel that your gums are receding, it’s best for you to know what your treatment options are.

For those of you whose gums have only receded just a little bit, a deep cleaning done by your dentist is more than enough treatment. However, for more severe cases, oral surgery may be the only way to repairing your gums:

Gum grafting. One common type of oral surgery used to treat gum recession is gum grafting. This procedure is where periodontists take tissue from another area of your mouth and uses it to cover the exposed areas of your tooth and its roots. The tissue typically come from the palette of your mouth, but it may also come from a tissue bank.

Pinhole Surgical Technique. Unlike gum grafting, the Pinhole Surgical Technique, is a much more modern approach that produces natural looking results. The main difference between the two procedures is that it is less invasive – the procedure doesn’t involve any cutting or stitching. During the Pinhole Surgical Technique, a needle is used to poke a small pinhole into the patients gum tissue. A special instrument is inserted into the pinhole, where they loosen and shift the tissue to cover up the exposed root.

Of the two procedures, the Pinhole Surgical Technique is slowly becoming the more popular option to repair gum recession. While both procedures are equally effective, many prefer the Pinhole Surgical Technique due to the fact that it leads to much quicker recovery time and less chances of post-operation complications.

If you’d like to find out more about receding gums treatment options, contact Dr. Gary Wetzel at 717-761-8611 to schedule a consultation today. Or visit www.wetzelperio.com for more information regarding dental hygiene.

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